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Club Minglewood Membership

Please select your pre-paid share level by clicking on the desired PayPal button below. You may choose to pay by credit/debit card or by PayPal account.

Club Minglewood credit must be claimed for produce during the growing season (May through October) in which it was purchased.

When you complete your payment, New Minglewood Farm agrees to provide you with produce at the savings level indicated on this page. If you wish to pay with cash or check, stop by our stand at the Farmer's Market or send your payment to: New Miinglewood Farm, 99 County Route 52, Greenwich, NY 12834. 

Club Minglewood

Club Minglewood is a pre-buy program that allows customers at the Saratoga Springs Farmer’s Market to save 10% to 20% off market stand prices throughout the season. 

Here’s how it works. Sign up to be a member of Club Minglewood and pre-pay at the level that fits your needs and shopping habits. Shop at our stand at the Farmer's Market and we simply deduct your purchases from your balance. 

​The more you pre-pay, the more you save:

Buy a $100 share and receive $110 worth of produce – a 10% savings.

Buy a $200 share and receive $224 worth or produce a 12% savings.


Buy a $300 share and receive $345 worth of produce – a 15% savings. ​

​Buy a $500 share and receive $600 worth of produce – a 20% savings.

Joining Club Minglewood early in the season really helps the farm with early spring cash flow; however, you can buy credit shares at any time during the season. If you use up all your credit before the end of the season, you may buy additional shares to continue saving. All credit must be spent during the current growing season; credit cannot be carried over to the next year.

  • Advantages of Club Minglewood 
    SAVINGS: If you are a regular shopper with us at the Farmer's Market, you can save hundreds of dollars over the course of the season.  
    CONVIENENCE: Allows you to shop at our stand without needing cash or checks. We keep track of your account balance and simply deduct your purchases each time.  
    FLEXIBILITY: In contrast to the traditional CSA model, where the customer receives a box of produce that is selected by the farmer each week, Club Minglewood allows you to select the products you want, in the quantities you want, when you want them!